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Garden and Outdoor Cleaning

Keeping your home pristine inside and out

The Cleaning Concierge has added gardening and outdoor cleaning to our range of services. We know how difficult it is for people with busy lives to stay on top of the household cleaning, the maintenance and the garden.  Now you can enjoy your home inside and out with The Cleaning Concierge!

Gardening Service

familyOur experienced gardener is available all year round to help you to maintain your outdoor spaces, keeping them as pristine as your interiors.  The garden should be a wonderful space to enjoy with friends and family. Many people enjoy planting, potting and pottering in their garden as an enjoyable pastime. Rediscover the joy of gardening with none of the challenges.


Gardening services include:

‘Reach & Wash’ Window Cleaning System

windowFor external window cleaning, we use the ‘Reach & Wash’ window cleaning system. This is a safe, fast, non-intrusive and environmentally-friendly method that leaves a streak-free finish, in a flash. ‘Reach & Wash’ sees our expert cleaning professionals use a water-fed pole window cleaning system to reach and wash all upper floor windows in a domestic home, from the safety of the ground. The cleaning team will make your windows sparkle with this latest technology in window cleaning.

Cleaning Guttering

guttersCleaning the gutters around your home is an essential household job that should be carried out twice a year, when the last leaf has fallen in autumn and coming into the summer season.

Blocked guttering can lead to overhead hazards, masonry damage, subsidence, cracks and roof destruction, along with providing nesting for unwanted pests. Tackling the gutters twice a year will ultimately save you a lot of money and trouble.

The Cleaning Concierge has trained experts and professional equipment to quickly and efficiently take care of this biannual task.

Beautiful Home, Beautiful Garden

Nowadays, the garden is a natural extension of the home and considered another ‘room’ of the house, especially in spring and summer, when we use the outdoor spaces more often. The Cleaning Concierge is here to maintain your beautiful home inside and out.

Don’t forget to ask us for our recommended list of tradespeople including plumbers and electricians.

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