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Oven Cleaning

We make it look as good as new

Oven cleaning is one of most people’s least favourite chores. Chances are that you put it off, time and time again. This only has the effect though of allowing even more grime and dirt to build up, making things even worse.

We at The Cleaning Concierge can take that oven cleaning task away from you. We offer an oven cleaning service as an add-on to both our Deep Clean Service and our Home Cleaning Maintenance Packages.

Our skilled cleaning operatives will do the work for you, using our all-natural yet powerful cleaning products as they go.

This doesn’t just leave your oven looking and smelling as good as new. It also removes any possibility of you or any of your family coming into contact with any of the harsh chemicals that typically make up off-the-shelf oven cleaning products.

For a safer and better oven cleaning service, call in The Cleaning Concierge!


Get your oven clean!

Telephone us at 087 1321202 or email info@thecleaningconcierge.ie to find out more.